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Wien, Tuchlauben: Laden Steiner/Haslinger: Innenansicht, um 1840 – anonyme Fotografie nach Aquarell von Weigl


Emily H. Green and Catherine Mayes

Part One: Selling Variety

Music’s First Consumers: Publishers in the Late Eighteenth Century
Emily H. Green

Inside a Viennese Kunsthandlung : Artaria in 1784
Rupert Ridgewell

Part Two: Edifying Readers

Morality and the “Fair-Sexing” of Telemann’s Faithful Music Master
Steven Zohn

Eighteenth-Century Mediations of Music Theory: Meter, Tempo, and Affect in Print
Roger Mathew Grant

Part Three: Marketing the Mundane

Musical Style as Commercial Strategy in Romantic Chamber Music
Marie Sumner Lott

In Vienna “Only Waltzes Get Printed”: The Decline and Transformation of the
Contredanse Hongroise in the Early Nineteenth Century
Catherine Mayes

The Power to Please: Gender and Celebrity Self-Commodification in the Early American Republic
Glenda Goodman

Part Four: Cultivating Communities

Exchanging Ideas in a Changing World: Adolph Bernhard Marx and the Berliner allgemeine musikalische Zeitung in 1824
Patrick Wood Uribe

Parisian Opera between Commons and Commodity, ca. 1830
Peter Mondelli

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